It’s a serviceable translation, if not a particularly graceful one. I chose it for the simple reason that I could link directly to it. If I’d been quoting rather than linking, I would’ve used A. C. Graham — who did use the Wade-Giles romanization, Chuang-Tzu, for some reason. I suppose he was a fervent anti-communist. But like it or not, Pinyin is the standard now, and Zhuangzi is a somewhat closer approximation to how it’s actually pronounced, presuming one knows that zi stands for the vowel-less “dz” sound. (Similarly, I write Daoism rather than Taoism — too many people assume it’s a soft t sound if you use the latter spelling.)

Glad you liked the post. I would’ve liked to have done something more, but I’ve been kind of preoccupied with qarrtsiluni-related stuff.