Dave, did you add the stock or take the no stock option? Either way that sounds delicious. I’m a great lover of soups, my own favourites being Cream of Kilkenny (leek, onion, potato and cream) and Borscht.

The end of Summer? Really? I suppose it must be. Unlike you I don’t feel quite ready to let it go, especially as last Winter was so harsh. But yesterday the rooks suddenly started to be loudest birds in the garden again, and that always means Autumn is upon us. Soon the swallows will be leaving for North Africa with the year’s crop of young. Ho hum. Time to take stock in the garden, harvest the apples and strim the overgrown and run-to-seed hedgerow weeds. The world turns.

But down in the herbaceous borders, there’s a second crop of oriental poppies waiting to burst, if the weather is kind and permits them. A few sunny days and we could have a lovely, short-lived flash of summer red again. I think then I’ll be ready to say goodbye.