Foxconn, a Taipei-based manufacturer of high-tech goods like Apple iPads and iPhones, installed safety nets around the building earlier this year after more than ten employees jumped to their deaths. But some of the nets have been removed in conjunction with rallies the company hosted today to boost employee morale. Because nothing makes you love your job more than being forced to attend a public spectacle to show the world you don’t want to die. […] Foxconn, whose name has been mentioned with regards to rumors of a seven-inch iPad by Christmas, also announced plans to hire 400,000 additional workers this year.
Chinese iPad and iPhone Manufacturer Rallies On, Despite Worker Suicides (New York Magazine)

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        1. Well, yes. But “iPaddy” isn’t nearly as bad as they can get. Salada brand tea bags carry jokes on the tags, and many are puns, e.g.: “Frantic people are usually running errants.” I’d call that a bad pun because it doesn’t take account of the fact that “errant” is a real word whose meaning has nothing to do with “error.” So it’s bad becasue it’s ignorant.

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