I’m not sure that escapism is the answer for people who are depressed or in pain, though. The first step toward addressing any problem, after all, is “being here now” long enough to recognize and admit you have a problem. Escapism merely wishes the issue away; it doesn’t actually address it.

Besides, doesn’t escapist blog-reading merely keep folks in their cubicle hell? I’ve spent enough time working in front of a computer to have lots of experience wasting time online, and it almost never leaves me more energized. When I need a break, it’s almost always better for me to stop, step away from the computer, and do pretty much anything other than check email, blogs, Facebook, or Twitter. Going to the bathroom, getting a drink of water, or stepping outside for a cigarette-free “smoke break”: any of these is more truly refreshing, I find, than a rest break that consists of only click, click, clicking.

Of course, your results may vary. :-)