This was great. Harold’s enjoyment of his own recollections (and telling them) was half the fun of listening. The specificity of place, the exuberance of boyhood despite what many might consider “hard times,” and the connection with nature were a delight to hear.

My husband, Buck, is 73 and a natural storyteller. His memories of childhood, such as hiring himself out as a fishing guide on the Escambia River at age 11, how his grandfather preacher and politician father railed at one another, skinny dipping and floating stolen watermelon’s at Carpenter’s Creek before it was destroyed to build a highway, how his granddad lost the family farm in the Depression and became a policeman and then a fireman in Mobile, Alabama, and many more, including how he would catch snakes and skin them to make himself belts — well, I just want to be sure we get these recorded for future family archives.

Listening to this recording galvanizes me to action. Do you have any suggestions, Dave, for the best way to do it? Video camera? What would you use if you were doing this type of life interview now?