In lieu of a postcard

One of the great advantages of meeting bloggers on one’s travels is that one can be lazy and simply link to their accounts of one’s meetings. I had a lovely time with Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita, and Fiona has written up everything, including the Clive Hicks-Jenkins exhibition and the exceptional hospitality of Anne and Basil Wolf, on her Writing Our Way Home blog. Callum James, one of the other poets at the Friday night reading, blogged it (as previously noted) at Front Free Endpaper, and Andrea Selch has a picture of us all, together with a news post, at the Carolina Wren Press site. Then in Birmingham I enjoyed a couple hours of conversation with the novelist, philosopher and Renaissance man Will Buckingham — see “Talking About Zhuangzi in Birmingham.”

I wish I could share some of the photos I’ve been taking, but since I don’t own a laptop and am dependent on the kindness of my hosts for internet connectivity, I’m afraid that won’t be happening until after my return to Pennsylvania.

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  1. The links were all wonderful and I, too, look forward to the photographs, and more on Clive’s paintings, the poetry, the space, the evening, and Wales, and, and…

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