The balance of the universe has finally been restored.
No longer does my net voyage end in being rather bored
The posts from others in the group, the e-mails; all that stuff
Were fine but next to Mountain Man, were clearly not enough
To fill the void engendered when the man forsook the mount
To travel in old England and send back his voyage recount.
I ‘preciate the other posts which took up major slack.
But now I’ll cheer and have a beer. All’s well, cause Bonta’s back.
Hark! He did not emerge unscathed from hanging with Brit pack.
Here, maybe only PBS employs the word ‘gobsmack”. :)


Welcome home, Dave! Spring has officially sprung. I looked up your fun word, and here’s the link, for the academically challenged, of which I may be a party of one. Now I will officially shut my gob and sign off.