Thank you for this wonderful opportunity of listening to your readings in Wales. I derived immense delight in listening to poets who knew how to read their own work. I must find me a copy of the book, if it is already available here.

Davies sounds like an Oxonian don; Marly Youman like a literature-loving nun; Dave Bonta reminds me of a poet-friend who had to grow a beard to look older (sounded like him, too. The fellow is back in Iowa teaching poetry cum salt-n-pepper beard); Andrea and Callum read poetry I would dearly like to lay my hands on. Clive looked and sounded every bit like the consummate artist/poet that I am sure he is. So delicate. (:–)

Back in the old country, at the university where I taught, my poems were rendered into paintings, and I painted some of my readers’ poetry, quid pro quo. I felt every word they said about my paintings, as I am sure Clive did. At that reading, also in a library, I exhibited a self-portrait with my likeness up a tree and that of my wife on the ground with a menacingly angled frying pan. Some enterprising student scribbled a caption on its price tag: “Come down and I’ll make fries of you yet, you couch potato!” (It was the only painting sold among my 12 pieces. I bet you the caption did it!)

Thank you for this, Dave, and thank you, too, for this rare recherche du temps perdu of a like and cherished episode. Bravo!