Two years of a poem a day

The Official Website of Poet Luisa A. Igloria:

As these things usually go, I hadn’t intended to do a daily poem “project” when I first wrote this poem in response to Dave Bonta’s Morning Porch post on November 20, 2010. But the experience of making a clearing, right then, right there, and dropping everything in order to sharply focus on nothing else but the immediate goal of writing a poem within a brief window of time, proved to be exhilarating. I kept coming back, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Two of most important things I’ve learned from my daily writing practice over the last two years have included the following (and the learning, if I might stress, continues): letting go (of the fear of the blank page, of the ego, of opinion, of criticism— Who do you think you are and why are you writing? Who do you think you’re writing to or for? Why do you think others will want to read your crap?); and just using that brief, blessed time to find a way to tune out whatever noise there is, outside or inside, so you can drop quickly down into that part where the you might find the poem and the poem might find you.

Two years of writing (at least) one poem every single day is a remarkable achievement. Congratulations are very much in order… as well as my heartfelt thanks. Via Negativa is much the better blog for Luisa’s daily contributions, and I’m honored to have been able to supply so many useful writing prompts over the past two years.

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