Carriage of Falcons

  1. As general rule falcons should be carried in belly compartments, properly caged and subject to appropriate excess baggage charges system.
  2. Under certain circumstances carriage of Falcons may be permitted in the Cabin provided the following arrangements are made:
    • Falcons shall be carried in specially designed boxes.
    • The quantity of Falcons shall be limited to a maximum of three per box.
    • Seat unit(s), to be removed to accommodate these boxes should be the rear – most economy class seats.
  3. As for VIP/CIP passenger(s), the rear – most Oasis Class J/C seat unit(s) to be removed to accommodate these boxes provided the owner/attendant seated next to it.
  4. Falcons carried according to this procedure should always be accompanied by trained attendant.
  5. A veterinary health certificate of fitness to travel is to be issued.
  6. No Objection letter from the Kuwait Public Authority of Agriculture and Fishery Resources for all animals including pets for export or import to the State of Kuwait.
  7. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in the Falcon not to be accepted on the Flight.
  8. Passengers carrying Falcons should contact the nearest any Kuwait Airways Sales office.
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