Up betimes. 25s the reckoning for very beer. Paid the house and by boats to London, six boats. Mr. Moore, W. Howe and I, and then the child in the room of W. Howe.
Landed at the Temple. To Mr. Crews. To my father’s and put myself into a handsome posture to wait upon my Lord. Dined there.
To Mr. Crews again. In the way met Dr Clerke and Mr. Pierce.
To White-Hall with my Lord and Mr. Edw. Montagu. Found the King in the parke. There walked. Gallantry great.
To Will How till 10 at night. Back and to my fathers.

Bet for beer, I put
the white king
in the park at night.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Saturday 9 June 1660.

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