How to Sell Your Soul

Visited by the two Pierces, Mr. Blackburne, Dr. Clerk and Mr. Creed, and did give them a ham of bacon.
So to my Lord and with him to the Duke of Gloucester. So to Mr. Crews and look over my papers and business to set them in order a little; very hot weather. The two Dukes dined at the Speakers this day and I saw there a fine entertainment and dined with the pages.
To Mr. Crew’s, whither came Mr. Greatorex, and with him to the Faithornes, and so to the Devils tavern. To my Lord’s and staid till 12 at night about business. So to my father’s, my father and mother in bed, who had been with my uncle Fenner, &c., and my wife all day and expected me. But I found Mr. Cook there, and so to bed.

Sit. Give bacon
in hot weather
and dine at
the devil’s tavern
till 12 at night.

Erasure poem derived from The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Tuesday 12 June 1660.

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