In London

Royal Mail

In London, every day is a red letter day, and the sky is rarely anything but white.


In London, as in most cities, it’s best not to look strangers in the eye.

Wimbledon pig

In London, green pigs fly with tennis rackets for wings.


In London, Queen Victoria is not amused by her new subjects with their uncouth cameras and foreign tongues.


In London, the statues stick their heads in the ground to avoid being identified by the ubiquitous security cameras.

canal egret 3

In London, even herons and moorhens get chips with their fish.

6 Replies to “In London”

  1. Nice! And I recognize those white heads – I photographed them on our walk with RR last year! Hello to the moorhens and our many mutual friends…glad you’re there, Dave.

    1. Yes, and I also photographed the spot where the curve of the highway overpass loops over the curve of the canal, which I recognized from J.’s (or your?) photos as well as Rachel’s. The Grand Union Canal is even more picturesque in the other direction, so expect more about that soon (or check out my Flickr if you’re impatient).

  2. Dave, I’m looking forward to seeing you soon – 4th July, yes? And let me know when else you’re available in your crowded time-table?

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