When life imitates Disney, it’s time to start packing

mother deer and fawn 2

Mom wanted to go one way, the fawn wanted to go another.

mother deer and fawn 3

But first to fuel up.

mother deer and fawn 4

Oo, some yellow dock!

white-tailed deer fawn

Hey, where’d she go? Oh well.

So I went out on my porch to film the fawn while a bunny grazed in the driveway and a chipmunk zipped into the stone wall. It’s like I’m trapped in a Disney film. Rainy days in June can be like that, though. While I watched the same doe and fawn this morning from the porch

(the fawn did seem smaller this morning, being farther away) — a turkey was gobbling just down the road, a male pileated woodpecker worked a tree at the woods’ edge, and the chickadee parents delivered food to their nestlings in the dead cherry beside the porch. Here’s a photo of that from a few days ago.

chickadee at nest hole with caterpillar

It’s going to be hard to leave my porch for the entire summer, but that, I’m afraid, is the plan. I may tweet some nature observations from the back garden of the house in north London where I’ll be staying, but the Morning Porch blog will be silent from next Tuesday through August 17. In London, Rachel tells me, even house sparrows are a rarity! But there are plenty of red foxes in her neighborhood, which are now a rarity around here. And thanks to the Animals in the City issue that I’ve been posting at qarrtsiluni, I feel ready for them — and for whatever other wildness may come my way.

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