Being a poet, what I would label a real poet, is as much a part of an individual as is breathing. Having such creative muses inside and seeking an outward expression of this, is what creates great teachers. Until a person can express themselves confidently in any particular area one does not really master a subject of learning–if ever such mastery ever really exists.

The goodness or not…is honestly ridiculous to me. I crashed there and thought that I have missed something in the reading. I could not find my place from the context.

I am sitting here wondering how you might have garnered such an idea and then twisted it so to believe (or perhaps only to assert) that good and altruism must be twisted to mean a lack of self expression so as to be a drudge dread servant to others. Is work and worth measured by the work-ethic?! It is curious to me why it seems there is an either/or choice.

My inner mouth has fallen open in surprised indignation! I have written WHILE tutoring…what is the problem? hehe Silly me, my own opinion about what you ought to do matters not. I simply wonder at the presentation and reasoning. I enjoy pondering.