In which we raise a pint to Via Negativa for surviving its 12th year

Three Via Negativa bloggers in a London pub, 14 December 2015
Three Via Negativa bloggers in a London pub, 14 December 2015 (photo: Ruben Igloria)

My pun of the week: I have been basking in the reflected Igloria of Luisa winning the Resurgence Poetry Prize.* But better even than that was the chance to hang out with two Via Negativa bloggers at the same time when Jean Morris came up from South London to meet Luisa and me and other friends and family for few hours on Tuesday night. It felt like a mini-reunion even thought it was in fact the first time all three of us had gotten together. But that’s the way literary blogger meet-ups always feel, in my experience: we already know each other so well from sharing our truest words online that when we finally meet IRL, it’s possible to bypass the awkward small-talk stage altogether and jump right into the deeper stuff (water, BS, whatever).

Via Negativa is twelve years old today. Thanks to everyone who reads, whether on the site itself, on Feedly or other RSS readers, or via Mailchimp. It’s been a fun ride, and with a little more help from my blogging friends I hope to keep it going for many more years.

*Did you know that BIRGing is a thing? Me neither. Thanks, Wikipedia!


  1. Great to see Jean here along with you and Luisa! Brings back memories of meeting Jean and a few other bloggers there in London back in 2009.

    Congrats on your fantastic 12 years, Dave with good wishes for many more!


  2. Congrats again Dave. All those fishes floating above your head look like found poems in-the-making. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


  3. And you’re close to your 5,000th post (though I may remember you couldn’t transfer all the old ones to WordPress, so maybe you’re way past that). Congratulations.


    1. Thanks. No, all the posts made it over from Blogger; it was those first 2+ years of comments I lost. So it looks as if I’ll hit post #5000 before the end of the year.


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