April Diary 4: immersion

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Dear April where were you today it was inclement in a distinctly wintry fashion

i was mostly indoors on my day of rest immersed in poetry, writing it reading it reading about it

except for a lunch break on which i indulged another guiltier pleasure: some nihilistic comedy on YouTube

i find it oddly restorative

it occurred to me as i was assembling the Poetry Blog Digest that butchers get a hell of a bad rap

that’s a comedy thought rather than a poetry thought but could work in either

anyway after all that i felt nearly drained of words so i went for a walk in the woods

i stopped at the biggest of the ephemeral woodland pools at the top of the mountain as i usually do and stared into its murky shallows

i find it oddly restorative

the sun set with little fanfare between storm clouds and a rose of grief blossomed in my chest

i remembered this morning in the trash burner how the flames had danced together so deliriously and then… just embers and ashes

returning across the field I saw the new(ish) moon through a hole in the clouds

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