Pepys recycled

selfie with a bust of Samuel Pepys
me and Sam Pepys outside the Guildhall, London

Over the next couple of years as I finish up the Pepys Diary erasure project (I hope), there will be some skipped entries — presumably more as time goes on — when I decide that a previous erasure was in fact adequate. I wasn’t expecting that situation to arise already on the third entry, but I’d forgotten that I made an abortive attempt to re-start erasing the diary from the beginning last January, while I was still working on the final year. Plus I had a second go back in 2015 or so. But I decided last year’s attempt is a keeper, so for those who are following along, it’s here: Card players. (NB: The post titles on Via Negativa are not poem titles; the poems are untitled in the final versions that go in the PDF edition.)

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