Hunting mushrooms

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A videohaiku shot yesterday on Hampstead Heath, where various autumn mushrooms are appearing in the leaf duff and meadows. I’ll admit, though, I had eyes mainly for the trees, as usual, and came home empty-handed except for some pretty images.

The vignetting effect is beginning to feel a bit cheesy to me, but I used it without hesitation here, perhaps because the subject of the second half of the video is the essence of cheesiness. The same thinking guided my choice of font. But it’s fine, because as I’ve said before, haiku are supposed to be somewhat light-hearted.

field mushroom, Hampstead Heath

Winter trees

A new videopoem using footage that Rachel shot from the Amtrak back in December. Do read her blog post about that journey, which includes a different clip from the same footage. I particularly liked this observation:

Trees! So many trees, their leaf-free branches strobing the setting sun when it was behind them, turning pink gold when it shone on them, revealing the geological contours through their branches of the land on which they grow.

Landscape scenes shot from moving trains or cars are so common in videopoetry, they’re almost a cliche, but this is a new variation on that theme, I think.

The Hollow (45)

This entry is part 45 of 48 in the series The Hollow


in this foreign land
Norway maple leaves turn


upside-down somehow
in my phone’s photo

false Solomon’s-seal



stream-blurred trees come into
sharper focus


Keep Your Dog on a Leash

the notice board co-signed
by porcupine teeth

The Hollow (44)

This entry is part 44 of 48 in the series The Hollow


tall hemlock
nearly dead from adelgids



every year more rain

railroad noise burrows
into the ferns


that ice avalanche

my brother’s mark on a tree
lost to moss


two faces
on the side of a beech

one has no mouth

The Hollow (43)

This entry is part 43 of 48 in the series The Hollow


200 years old
or ten thousand

former road/streambed


rhododendron trunk

bare as high as a starving deer’s
neck can stretch


elevation measured
by the number of unripe
spikenard berries


slow-creeping slope

all the tree boles curved
to keep their balance

The Hollow (42)

This entry is part 42 of 48 in the series The Hollow


whispering against
the road from both sides

endless water


backhoe toothmarks

our complicated relationship
with the mountain


gabion wall

the quarried stones softening
with moss at last


a beech log’s pale skin
beginning to rupture

that rich ferment

The Hollow (41)

This entry is part 41 of 48 in the series The Hollow


38 years old

the one-acre blowdown
is all grown up


how big was that wind

twin basswood trunks
still stretch wide


one beech limb
has grown back into the tree

the storm was too much


they heard the wind
a half mile away

the hollow’s own howl

The Hollow (39)

This entry is part 39 of 48 in the series The Hollow


among the fallen



“common though not abundant”


massive trunks

the mechanics of rising sap
still a mystery


riffle-patterned bark

enough stillness
for algae

The Hollow (38)

This entry is part 38 of 48 in the series The Hollow


fallen cucumbertree

the white undersides
of its leaves


roots lost their grip
on the saturated slope

seed pods still clenched


leaf duff undotted
by any black cherries

rained out


that mob of red trilliums
melted away

foam in the stream

The Hollow (36)

This entry is part 36 of 48 in the series The Hollow


sandstone shelf

all the volumes I ever
wanted to read


road-bank hemlock

the orifice at its base
stuffed with stone



the separate neighborhoods
of moss and lichen


crumbling bedrock

since it was last sand
the sea too has moved