The authentic world


Everyone seems to be welding, fixing things, making things in small dim workshops or outside on the dusty, potholed streets. We drive past an open shed, dark, full of big carcases hanging on hooks; past a man in a green and yellow dragon suit striding along the street, clutching the dragon’s head while his own head hangs between hunched shoulders as if depressed.

Poetry publishing and the “culture worker” model

Pearlblossom Highway

The question of aesthetic value came up. Creeley suggested that value was created in the work, or rather, in the process of making, poesis, and in the community (or “company”) the poet/publisher built around the work (here defined as writing, aesthetics, and publishing). The professor then asked, But how are we to judge whether or not it is any good? To which Creeley responded, Who cares?

Knit nap

Twisted Rib

“She’d fall asleep? and knit at the same time?”

“Yes. Her eyes would close and her head would nod but her hands would carry on knitting. And then at the end of the programme she’d wake up and have to undo it all.”

The status which needs no update

Zackary Sholem Berger

The everyday is the status which needs no update. The cold with its wrinkles carves itself into your face, into the internal image, the spiritual form, while promises and hopes can barely be felt, which is evern worse than if they never existed at all. In Hebrew there’s a word ashlaya, which means illusion. Its sound calls to mind things which appear, wink, and then slip away, transparent veils that are never uncovered, crawling like snakes with all the time in the world.

Wally Torta’s artist’s statement

Crackskull Bob

I think artist’s statements should be illegal. In my opinion, they’re a kind of hate speech. Anyone who knowingly places such drivel in the path of naive unsuspecting white-as-the-driven-snow eyeballs such as mine, knowing full well that the visual ingestation of such foul, pestilential verbiage would cause my optic nerve to shrivel up as if it were a penis being plunged into ice water must be of malevolent intent.