Plummer’s Hollow hunting report

Our near-neighbor, the poet Todd Davis (whose work has appeared here in the past) included the following in an email on Saturday night. I thought it might be of general interest, especially for fans of meditation. —Dave

pileated woodpeckers on a dead tree

Still no deer. But another beautiful day in the woods. As you know, it snowed Friday night until about three in the morning. When I walked in at 5:45 a.m., the woods were striped in white and there was no need for a headlight: the snow on the ground was catching the light from the sliver of moon, making my path easy.

My blind was crushed to the ground by the weight of the snow. It’s a temporary blind, a tent essentially. I had to pull it back up, knock snow and ice from it, and make all kinds of ridiculous noise.

I had deer around me four different times today, but none afforded me a safe and merciful shot. Thus no deer. The ravens were quiet today, but the crows took up the chorus. I had a dead black cherry near and a pileated would knock on it every so often, asking me to open the door of my senses, stop me from day-dreaming or drowsing from lack of sleep.

I walked out at 5:30 p.m. The moon was back up and, without wind, all was silent, except for the railroad tracks in the valley. While my freezer and family may mourn no meat, it was still a day well spent.

Unmentionable One

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Euphemisms for “bear” from bear hunting cultures around the world, as gathered by A. Irving Hallowell in “Bear Ceremonialism in the Northern Hemisphere” (American Anthropologist 28:1, 43-52)

Four-Legged Human, Chief’s Son, Grandfather, Grandmother, Elder Brother, Cousin, Little Uncle, Beloved Uncle, Uncle of the Woods, Good Father, Great Father, Fur Father, Worthy Old Man, Twelve Men’s Strength, Tired One, Angry One, Big Hairy One, Honey Eater, Sticky Mouth, Honey Paws, Broad Foot, Golden Feet, Wrangler, Short Tail, Crooked Tail, Cat-Like Creature, Old Porcupine, Black Food, Big Great Food, The One Who Owns the Chin, The Animal, The Beautiful Animal, Illustrious One, Venerable One, Unmentionable One, God of the Mountains, Owner of the Earth.