Unmentionable One

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Euphemisms for “bear” from bear hunting cultures around the world, as gathered by A. Irving Hallowell in “Bear Ceremonialism in the Northern Hemisphere” (American Anthropologist 28:1, 43-52)

Four-Legged Human, Chief’s Son, Grandfather, Grandmother, Elder Brother, Cousin, Little Uncle, Beloved Uncle, Uncle of the Woods, Good Father, Great Father, Fur Father, Worthy Old Man, Twelve Men’s Strength, Tired One, Angry One, Big Hairy One, Honey Eater, Sticky Mouth, Honey Paws, Broad Foot, Golden Feet, Wrangler, Short Tail, Crooked Tail, Cat-Like Creature, Old Porcupine, Black Food, Big Great Food, The One Who Owns the Chin, The Animal, The Beautiful Animal, Illustrious One, Venerable One, Unmentionable One, God of the Mountains, Owner of the Earth.

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