1. I’m looking forward to listening to this one! It’s a small internet sometimes; Dylan and I share an alma mater (indeed, I think we were both religion majors at Williams, a few years apart) and once upon a time I knew his brother Chris (who was my year at Williams, and who wrote gorgeous poetry) pretty well.

    1. Cool! Glad to hear of that connection. Small web-world indeed!

    2. Hey Rachel! I don’t think we knew each other at Williams. But I’ve heard your name, and I know Ethan. I’m pleased to run into you here!

  2. dafne

    Re Dylan’s comment (and with respect): “But to say ‘I am going to be a professional haiku poet’ [chuckle], I think that it’s just so laughable, that it’s not something anybody could conceive of doing.” What is the laughable part, please? Was it the “professional” designation? or the fact that any poet – haiku, for this discussion — (from the beginning of time) who has ever earned a living outside the genre or been subsidized, could not be considered a “certified/full-time” poet?

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