Lies to die for

Whilst rooting through a steamer trunk of old jottings from the antediluvian age when I still used pen and paper to record my thoughts, I came across a draft of the Top Ten Lies of the 20th Century. I vaguely recall working on this with one of my brothers a few years back. It wasn’t too tough to generate lies; the difficult part was limiting it to ten – and ranking them.


1. Work Makes You Free (Arbeit Macht Frei – slogan above the gate at Auschwitz)

alternate: The Master Race

2. The War to End All Wars

3. Soviet Socialist Republic

4. Atoms For Peace

5. Great Leap Forward

6. Separate But Equal

7. Free Trade

8. Green Revolution

9. The Domino Effect

alternate: The Missile Gap

10. The Alliance for Democracy

Feel free to suggest others – or generate an alternate list at your own blog.

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