The work of enlightenment

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White shooting star or flowering tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestris). Note the bumblebee stealing nectar from the base of one of the flowers

Gain Enlightenment: Spiritual Tai Chi – DVD super easy feel chi flow. Free $20 Tao Ebook. 800-year old Tai Chi for enlightenment, not martial. 100% guaranteed. Feel an amazing energy flow immediately.

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The bread dough after it has been punched down – the primordial origin of the fabled knuckle sandwich

Enlightenment with World Bible Study – Whether you’re worried, lonely or hurt, or seeking a better life. Your faith in God will lead to a path of hope and joy. World Bible School is your free guide to Gods will.

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Landscape with dried tomatoes (a live shot, not a collage). The blood of the tomato is evaporated as an offering to the sun

Philosophy Recorded Lectures 70% Off – Enjoy non-credit college courses featuring the work of Enlightenment at The Teaching Company. Experience over 200 courses at home or in your car, many up to 70% off. Hurry offer ends soon.

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