Headlines we can expect to see

Abramoff Guilty Plea Leaves Reed Twisting in Wind

Abramoff: “I Never Promised You the Rose Garden”

GOP Killer Uses Silver Bullets

GOPs and Robbers Meet Cowboys, Indians

Rep. Ney: “Nay”

Rep. Doolittle “Did Little”

Sen. Burns: “Burned”

Hastert Has Dirt

Frist Frisked

Abramoff Saga “Heartwarming” – AHA

Santorum Lobby Reform Bill to Ban Grassroots Lobbying, Legalize “Gifts”

Abramoff: Disowned by Ownership Society?

Rightwing Think Tankers Spring Leaks, Spill Toxic Grease

Delay Delay: Hastings’ Lack of Haste in Ethics Probe Subject of New Ethics Probe

Delay “Messed with Texas” – Abramoff

Grover Norquist Mysteriously Drowns in Bathtub

Saipan Sweatshop Deal: Made in the USA

Lost Tribes Blame Bad Directions


For the low-down on Abramoff’s high jinks, see The Abramoff Primer

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