5 Replies to “Bizzy”

  1. Well, it’s Easter Week, so there’s a lot of family visiting to do. And yesterday I had to go to a high-level meeting, which left me feeling a little dizzy from the altitude.

  2. Have a great time, and don’t mind us, you give us more than we have any right to expect the rest of the time!

    Ah, I thought inex(h)austible looked wrong…

  3. You need to take more of these pict. Dave. I could stare at this one for hours. First I saw the tree, then a snake, then a cat with its ears back. I think I may replace “firmament” on my desk top with this one.

  4. Keith – If I ‘d have known how well it would turn out, I would’ve taken more pictures of the creek. Couldn’t do that kind of thing with my old camera too well.

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