Happy Spring Cleaning! Your new template is quite handsome….and I too like shades of grey….but….(I hesitate to raise an objection,) your new text is hard to read. For readability, your Blogspot template was hard to beat–black sanserif text on a pale grey background. (Smokey grey, the template called it; myself, I chose a lovely background grey called, lyrically, #f6f5f9).

When I was your age (not THAT long ago), I never imagined there would be a big difference between reading dark colored text and black, or that serifs could make much difference in readability.
Of course, I can continue to read Via Negativa in Bloglines, where I use the text size “medium” and where black sanserif is the standard. But remember: If we’re lucky, and we live long enough, we’ll all of us be vision-impaired someday.