Currently I’m Palatino – liking not only the font itself, but the name, which, for some reason, reminds me of Italian heights, Giordano Bruno and the House of Memory in the Renaissance (re Francis Yates’ book), and that the blog form is a kind of ‘house of memory’ of its own.

I sometimes do multiple posts for different reasons. Doing this most recently with Flikr, I discovered a neat thing. When you do a “file info” in Photoshop on a photograph and enter your copyright information, if you copy & paste your blog entry into “description” it travels with the photograph and can be unmasqued at any time on its transit through the NET. When you post a photo at Flikr, that blog entry is automatically posted with the photograph and is available to anyone who clicks on it to see a larger size. It’s neat.

Thanks for the ‘insider info’ :-) on WordPress, everyone who uses it seems very happy with it and I’ve had my eye on it for some time…

The way you are categorizing your writing is quite wonderful.

A kind of Giordano Bruno thing to do… :-)