MB – Long past time. But I think I’m going to grow it out to the point where I can tie it back and forget about it. Unsightly to be sure, but very low-maintenance.

marja-leena – As you probably know, some birds (though not the one you’re describing, I guess) do battle with their reflections. It occurred to me just now that the squirrel in question might be doing just that, as I watched him (?) clawing at a different window right next to where I sit.

dale – Glad you liked. I didn’t mean to imply that I had anything substantial in common with the good saint, of course. A poet is the antonym of a saint, really.

leslee – Since I love to make fun of hippies – or at least the airheaded, self-absorbed types that pass for hippies these days – it seems only fitting that I resemble one. As for getting up early, how else did you think I got all this blogging done? I catch up on sleep after lunch. The siesta is a highly civilized custom.