Great writing and description. The Wren episode is choice.

As to the squirrels, a few weeks back I heard a commotion coming out of our bathroom. I went in, opened the lid, and there was a young squirrel scraping desperately at the sides. Now out where we are, we’re used to animals and reptiles getting into the house but I’ve never had one come up the toilet before (think of the embarrassing circumstance this could have been if….nah, don’t want to think about it).

Went to the garage, got one of the small live animal traps, opened the lid, and stuck the opening in front of drenched squirrel. To my amazement, he jumps up on the cage, on to my shoulder, on my head, and to the floor. Fortunately I had the foresight to have closed the door. Our three dogs are going beserk in the living room trying to figure out what’s going on behind that door.

I put the opening next to the squirrel who is now in the corner and try to speak his/her language which comes out quite surprisingly like the language I speak to the dogs. Up on the cage, on to my shoulder, and to the bath mat.

The little fellow is exhausted by this time. I look at him and he/she looks at me.

“One more time,” I say to the furry interloper.

Amazingly, the squirrel walks right into the cage. I take it outside and turn him/her loose into the trees. It scampers to the highest limb before stopping and beginning its grooming process which I am sure took quite some time.

By the time I get back in the house, all the dogs are back on their pallets asleep. A peaceful kingdom if there ever was one until….the belligerent male Cardinal begins pecking at its reflection in the upstairs window. The dogs are off!

I refill my coffee cup and sigh with immense satisfaction.

Edge of the Earth Rd.
Lexington, OK.