Thanks for the comments. I meant to put together a more substantial post for today, but somehow it didn’t happen.

Larry – Feel free to categorize it however you want. My own pigeonholes are really just suggestions, designed to encourage browsing.

Fred – For some reason, I’m thinking she might prefer a spoon.

Brett – Should a parable be read any differently than a poem, or a Sufi teaching story? Much as I like the parables in the Bible, I’ve always held a grudge against the authors of the gospels for offering glosses on a few of them.

robin andrea – I like your interpretation a lot. But don’t leave out the woman, or the blanket, or the chicken. I’m tempted to suggest that the poet is General Tso, but he was really more of a deconstructionist, fond of slicing and dicing.

dale – No worries. It’s a very anarchistic sort of kingdom, as I conceive of it. The clothes have no emperor.