Well, I was thinking of amulets, talismans, and other kinds of fetish objects, which are usually kept tightly wrapped or are disguised in some way regardless of how closely they may be worn to the skin. Secrecy and power go hand-in-hand – that’s practically a universal. I’m not saying I completely agree with that, of course. My own position does come close to animism, though, because I believe strongly in honoring the wildness and sovereignty of every being (including charismatic abiotic entities like rocks, waterfalls, etc.). This doesn’t imply worship, in the sense of servile genuflection, but it does entail respect, which must include allowing space, self-determination and privacy to other beings. I tend to distrust all religious systems that attempt to ban laughter in church/temple/mosque/synagogue. That hushed silence in the art museum you wrote about — that bothers me, too. The sacred and the profane shouldn’t be kept so far apart.