(That’s weird! I thought i left a comment earlier in response to r.a. and Loriannne, but it vanished. Maybe I forgot to hit the “submit” button.)

robin andrea – Thanks for your kind words about the photo. As for the stealthiness of hunters, I don’t know. Most of our crowd here are the sit-and-wait type, which requires immense patience, to say the least. I have also come to have a great deal of respect for their observational skills — the best hunters are easily as good as the best birdwatchers (and I know some people who are both).

Lorianne – I typed this post in such haste this morning, it wouldn’t surprise me if outer as well as inner critics were shrieking! In fact, I have yet to re-read the damned thing…

Larry and dale – I agree. I’m a firm believer in the power and importance of anthroporphism.

dale – Hans-Georg Gadamer is one of those rare philosophers whom I’d like to read more of. In fact, I just picked up a used copy of his The Relevance of the Beautiful and Other Essays a couple weeks ago. With a title like that, I’m having fun imaging what’s inside.