“Its surface trembles, the loveliest of pelts.”

A gorgeous evocation. Seriously trying to “see through the eyes” of another species is quite a mind-expanding experience.

I often wonder what my cat makes of my actions — certainly she can grasp “grooming”, and she’s learned when I’m approachable, and when I can be persuaded to give her food. She knows perfectly well she can’t go through the window glass, but she also knows that smacking against it will chase off an (annoying?) pigeon on the sill. But how does she internally parse my talking on the phone, or reading?

A bit of pedantry: As I understand some articles I’ve been reading recently, cats actually do see *some* color. Like most mammals, they have two sorts of cone cells in their eyes. (Primates, such as humans, have a third.) But cats don’t pay much *attention* to color — whereas color makes things visually “pop out” for us fruit-eating humans, cats are much more attentive to *motion*. Which is part of why “freezing” is a standard prey-animal reaction….