What begins with b? Today was the first clear day all month, but my mind was a blank. I stared at the screen for a while, then wrote the single word basket. An empty container made of dried grass.

black walnut trees

Black walnut trees.


Black raspberry shadows — this year’s dead canes.



medicine bottles

Bottles in my window, all of which once held medicine: Bromo-Seltzer, Phillip’s Milk of Magnesia, Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy, Hewlett Bros Triple Extract, A. Lancaster’s Indian Vegetable Jaundice Bitters, and Backache and Kidney Mixture Number 20.

Better than nothing, as the drug test subject said when he learned he’d been given the placebo.

10 Replies to “B-ing”

  1. Thanks, Jean! Being a minimalist in my expectations as a blogger, I’m perfectly delighted to have satisfied one reader. (But I must admit I was pleased with myself for coming up with that wellerism there at the end.)

  2. Hmm, B for blogging blanks… just riffing off your photos: brown barley, beetles on the bark. Thinking Thanksgiving: broiled bird, buttered beets, bouncy babies…

    Seriously, nice textures and shadowplay in these photos!

  3. David – B is not only for blogging, but for the better part of Web 2.0, forever in Beta.

    Fred – We have Boyer’s Candies in Altoona (and Gardner’s in Tyrone, but that doesn’t begin with b).

    mrsthrale – Thanks for stopping by. Glad you find something of interest.

    MB – Thanks. Me too.

  4. I love that first calligraphic photo too! Terrific. And the bottles as well – I’ve got a thing about light coming through colored glass in windows, and greatly prefer this raw version to fancy stained glass.

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