Zhoen – In many cases, bow hunters and rifle hunters are one and the same. And some of them are birdwatchers, too. But of course any slob can shoot a deer with a rifle, whereas it akes a certain kind of very dedicated outdoors person to hunt with bow and arrow. Then there are the flintlock hunters… There was even a serious proposal to introduce an atlatl season this year, but the Game Commissioners nixed it.

Lorianne – Actually, one of our neighbors in the valley is a bit of a Bambi-saver. He keeps huge numbers of deer alive through the winter by feeding. He says he’s trying to atone for all the deer he killed as a hunter. But when he saw a really nice 8-point last year, he couldn’t help himself. He said he shot it so his neighbor wouldn’t have the satisfaction. Long story.

Don’t think we haven’t thought about the retreat possibilities up here.

Bill – I can’t speak to hunting practices in any other state. Customs and regulations vary widely. In general, though, I would say that regular rifle season is a good time for non-hunters to stay out of the woods, or wear plenty of blaze orange if they do go for a walk. We feel safe here because we control access to the property, and everyone who hunts here is very safety-conscious.