Dave, you express exactly how I feel about the whole dichotomy of wilderness versus civilization, nature versus human, as I think we’ve discussed before. I think one of the reasons I, and I’m sure many others, feel this deep sense of dislocation that we can’t quite name, is that the way of life most humans have taken upon themselves today counts out any kind of direct dependence upon and interaction with the whole world around… today our worlds are restricted to what is human and we are told that is what the world is made of. But it is a great lie, of course. It is like a recluse who sits inside a room pretending that the food he eats and words he uses and television he watches has nothing to do with the world out there. Personally, I deeply believe that without our being part of the “wildnerness” that all free creatures are born into we can never truly realize our full potential as human beings and as members of a true global community.