Nose, grindstone

UPDATE (12/23): I paid the pittance was asking for the right to make alterations to shadow cabinet’s stylesheet, and increased the text size to what I hope is a more readable level.

I’m still working away at shadow cabinet — and getting a better sense of how much more needs to be done. New poems added today include: Bodies of Water (extensive revision to a piece that first appeared here as prose, over a year ago); The Other Coltrane; Dust; Out Back at the All-Night Diner; The Sycamore; and The Greek. Many other poems, of course, were considered and rejected for one reason or another. I find a perverse satisfaction in that — it makes me feel clean, somehow.

Needless to say, all the poems in shadow cabinet are there provisionally, and many will undergo further revision.

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  1. I like what you’ve done with your notebook. To have all of the notebook entries referenced on the home page would be overwhelming, and to reference only the latest ones might be unfair to the later ones. Better to have it set out chronologically on the home page as you now do, and to permit the reader to peruse the entries once a period’s notebook volume is opened.

    The notebook and its comments feature are fun. They remind me of the Poetics posts on Teju’s Miracle Speech. They’re like having a conversation with the man behind the curtain.

  2. Hey, thanks — I’m glad that works for you. The only thing that annoys me about the current set-up is that I can’t get rid of that “Posted in Uncategorized” line (assigning them to any other category, such as “Notebook,” takes one to a page where my posts are followed by all other blog posts with that category or tag).

  3. It’s great just to read the titles of poems I’ve especially enjoyed and feel once again the very same rush of chemicals I felt on first reading them. The pale light of the diner, the blazing light of the sycamore; it’s all here again, each with its distinct spacial order mostly intact.

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