Dave, you’re too generous, thanks, but I do think I missed your bigger points. I guess I operate in a dialectic of boorishness and contrition for my boorish behavior. But when I do see what I’ve missed it hits with all the greater impact.

First of all, I could go on and on and on and not begin to create the vision of your first few lines creates. I think that what I wished to say in my comments, but failed to, was that you provided an imagery new to me of mountains weathering up, not down. And that is magic.

But as I reread your post, even just the poetic beginning I see how fractional I am, as though I took off unchangingly on a vector at a single point in the very complex curving line you scribe.

Then I have an irredentist satisfaction in the elevation of my concentration. I revel in the potency of this self-satisfaction, doing, in effect just what the larger arc of your post decries.