Another shell

This is a test of the Audio Player plugin for WordPress. (Feed and email subscribers will need to click through to the site to see the player, I think.) I’m reading a simple little poem I wrote last April, In a Nutshell.


I don’t necessarily plan to abandon Odeo just yet, but it’s been a little buggy lately and I wanted another option in case it deteriorates further. Like the wren in the poem, I don’t want to leave anything to chance.

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  1. I’m curious, is there a reason you don’t post the poem with the audio? I only ask because it helps me hear a poem if I see the words…I like to read along. Perhaps I’m just a little slow.

  2. with the two holes in the kayak, I expected it to sink. I guess you’re referring to the hidden compartments where the gear, the ballast would be.

  3. Well, would it be better if I changed “holes” to “openings”? You know what I’m referring to, I imagine: a black walnut half with the thick membrane still attached, an opening on each side where the meat had connected through to the other, missing hemisphere.

  4. So I should change “The black walnut half / had two large openings / like holes in a round kayak” to: “The black walnut half / had two large holes / like openings in a round kayak”?

    I don’t know if that sounds right to me, and I wonder how confusing the original really is to most readers. I’ll give it some more thought. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. The audio plug-in player worked well – perhaps better than it usually does as sometimes it doesn’t completely download or seems to take a long time.
    I liked your reading of “In a Nutshell” – your reading very much matched the poem.

  6. Thanks, Bev. I appreciate the feedback. Odeo’s servers seem overloaded lots of times; I think that accounts for the slowness. It’s the same company that puts out that stupid app called Twitter — you know, the little widget where you can tell the world what you’re doing at every moment, by typing into your cell phone? It’s phenomenally successful, and I think that’s drawing all their attention away from Odeo.

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