runoffHere’s how my co-editor Beth Adams and I began an email to qarrtsiluni supporters this morning. If you’d like to join our bimonthly notification list, please drop us a line: qarrtsiluni (at) gmail (dot) com.

Winter isn’t quite done with us yet in the northeastern U.S. and Canada, but the usual pas de deux between winter and spring is well underway. At qarrtsiluni, we’ve begun to solicit contributions to a new kind of dialogue, as well. The theme for March and April is ekphrasis – poetry (or poetic prose) in dialogue with visual art. Our two guest editors have extensive experience in creative writing, editing, art and design. For links to their blogs and to our general guidelines for submission, please see the full theme announcement.

7 Replies to “Ekphrasis”

  1. Yo Dave… I wasn’t clear on image vs words. Does the writing necessarily spring from images offered to everyone from the main Q page, or can a contributor provide both image and words?

    I’ll read more, am sure my answer is plain as day.

  2. Can a contributor write from a painting that is not on the site? My poetry group is visiting an exhibit of erotic art next Sunday to write about the works.

    I presume that this is not an occasion to bust out one’s concrete poems, is that right?

  3. I’ll try to get my act together and submit something this time. Unfortunately, I operate by the management-by-crisis system, so some things happen and others don’t. At my age, it’s clear I’ll never change. However, maybe this time!

  4. Nathan – We must be able to either reproduce or link to an image elsewhere on the web. If it’s copyrighted and not on the web, you’d have to get permission from the artist for us to reproduce it.

    (I’ll modify the note on qarrtsiluni to include this information.)

    bev – I operate the same way, so I understand!

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