Good questions

Oekologie #3 includes a lot of fun posts raising a variety of interesting questions, such as:

  • Is rape adaptive? (Behavioral Ecology Blog)
  • What counts as a “species” in the asexual world of microbes? (A Blog Around the Clock)
  • How do you measure the ecological impact of goats in Eastern Mediterranean countries? (Snail’s Tales)
  • Why does the eastern pipistrelle adapt more easily to changing environmental pressures than the gray myotis? (The Infinite Sphere)
  • Does it make sense to pour aid money into replanting mangrove forests in the wake of the Indian Ocean tsunami? (ESA News & Views)
  • Why isn’t the endangered pygmy hog-sucking louse on the IUCN Redlist? (Endangered Ugly Things)

To learn how to participate in this fast-growing new blog carnival, check out the Oekologie blog.

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