Bulleted list

Things seen today:

turtle woods in fog

  • fog and rain
  • a map to the mythical land of Generica
  • 18th-century engravings of human fetuses just before birth, looking very peaceful and wise inside their mothers’ cross-sectioned bodies
  • a dozen flickers hopping around on the lawn like robins while a hen turkey wandered across the field behind them and the sun broke though the clouds
  • mist rising from the springhouse roof
  • daffodils in bloom around the old dog statue, which is beginning to acquire the faintest tinge of green
  • a slow fly.

foggy porch

The photos, however, were both taken on Monday.

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  1. Thanks. I guess I see what you mean. But ain’t nothing generic about Italia! I think Generica exists, if anywhere, in certain parts of the U.S.A. (I’m not saying which parts.)


  2. Fog is very like looking inside a mothers womb in a pen and ink drawing, isn’t it? Almost seen, and mysterious.


  3. Yes, very much so. I guess that’s one of the analogies I was groping towards here (not one of my most stellar posts!).


  4. I liked everything I saw in this post


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