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I like to tell people that the strength of this nation is not our military — although we intend to keep it strong. The strength of the nation is the fact that we’ve got compassionate, decent, honorable citizens who hear a call to love a neighbor like you’d like to be loved yourself. And that’s what we’re here to honor.

Each of you is part of a legacy of service that harkens back to our country’s earliest days. When Martha Washington — the husband [sic] of the first George W. — organized sick wards for wounded soldiers and made visits to battlefields to boost the morale of the troops, she volunteered for a cause bigger than herself.

President Bush

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And that’s why it’s vital for our country that our young people step forward — and serve a cause larger than yourselves.

President Bush

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  1. Thanks for the comments, but y’know, I really think I should’ve gone with my first thought and just run a caption contest. Even with only four comments, the variety of reactions is impressive. It’s almost as if the guy were a blank slate.

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