after the waterboarding

When a promise broke me
I was ready to confess
to the darkest thoughts
just to clear my head

I was ready to be lifted
by my own explosive charges
simply for the rush
of air back into my lungs

I was ready to hang
by my own rope
if only to feel the steadying
pull of the earth again

& I confess
their promise was nothing other
than that the atrocious weather
would change

& it did
I have been changed
into something
I do not know

[Poetry Thursday – dead link]

The challenge this week was to begin a poem with the last line of another poem. I used the last line from today’s poem at Poetry Daily, Promise, by Judson Mitcham.


  1. Really nice flow and imagery. And the last lines “I have been changed/ into something/ I do not know” really touched me, deeply.


  2. Topical and important poem. I was moved by the part about the desire to feel gravity again, even if while hanging.


  3. This Girl – Thanks. I enjoyed making the acquaintance of your own blog and stunning photography.

    Clare, gautami, and Brett – Thanks for the comments. I really labored over this one, and the subject is decidedly grim, so I’m awfully glad to hear that it resonated with you all.


  4. Am I the only person who found this a distressing poem to read? :-)


  5. Tumblewords – Thanks.

    dale – I sure as hell hope not.


  6. add me to the list of those for whom this resonated… I liked the fact that you did not use any punctuation (it made it “grimmer”; but then, grim has never been a problem for me)


  7. I must confess that I like this poem. Confession whether coerced or not can be an agent of change.


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