dale – I’m glad to hear that the project is inspiring good blog posts already! I even ended up smorgasblogging that one.

leslee – Metaphorical stretches are entirely up to the participants. The main purpose of having fairly strict rules, in my mind, is to keep the thing from becoming too unfocused and amorphous. But rules should always be treated merely as guidelines, I think – well, you know my politics. :) One way or another, I hope you can participate.

Nina – Congratulations on a very beautiful blog. You raise a good point; I don’t know how the heat will effect things. We’ve actually had a cooler-than-average summer here, with only two, shortish heat waves to date. (Guess we’re due for another one starting tomorrow.)

Dick – And I can’t think of anyone better than a former rock and roller to represent the UK.

ale – That’s awesome! I’ll be very interested to learn what dwells under rocks in central Africa.

Natalie – See my reply to Leslee. Do what you can. I really appreciate your enthusiasm.

Rebecca – My first answer would be, flip more rocks until you find something. But if you look under two dozen rocks and don’t find anything, that in itself would be worth blogging about, no?