For men may come and men may go…

autumn footbridge

Fans of 19th-century poetry in particular might enjoy my mother’s nature column from October 2004, October’s Bright Blue Weather.

Dad and I shared a love of the outdoors, of poetry, and also of operettas. As a teenager, I would sit up until midnight with him, watching the old Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy movies on television. One of our favorites was Sigmund Romberg’s Student Prince. As we drove that October day, I sang Romberg’s “Golden Days” — a song of remembering the “golden days, in the sunshine of our happy youth.” And, indeed, Dad reminisced about other Octobers as he “oohed” and “aahed” over the spectacular color. Now that he is gone, a golden October woods reminds me of that “Golden Days” afternoon with him when the sun backlit a shimmer of golden, scarlet, purple, and orange leaves. And every time I look at our stream, I remember Dad reciting Alfred Lord Tennyson’s “The Brook” whenever he drove up our road.

4 Replies to “For men may come and men may go…”

  1. There’s something very alive about this photograph. It strikes me emotionally like my favorite Paul Klee paintings do.

    I love the idea of your mother and her father staying up to midnight sharing common interests during her teen years.

  2. I’m just catching up on my blog reading while I have a net connection for a couple of days before moving on along the coast. So many beautiful photos displayed on all of the posts on your blog at the moment, Dave. This one in particular struck me as special — perhaps because I’ve so often sat looking down on autumn leaves floating on cool, dark water. Lovely passage by your mom – a great memory.

  3. Thanks, bev (and Peter, and Shai). My only disappointment with this photo is that it wasn’t sharp enough for any but web use. Otherwise it might’ve made a nice print. I’ll pass on your comments to my mom.

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