Passing water

Clouded Drab

I thought I’d post a fresh picture for once, so here’s one from my jaunt to Greenwich on Friday: someone walking their dogs near some of the C17th sweet chestnut trees.

Giant mossy boles
of ancient chestnuts. A dog
strains at his leash.


Burning Silo

There’s a hypnotic quality to wave-watching. I find a safe spot to stand or sit, and then let my mind get in synch with the rhythm of the waves. Among my favourites is to find a place where I can watch the seething, frothy riptide as it churns to wash up and away from the shore. The white caps and foam smash together and frequently rise up to form mountainous crests in the surf.

A wild coast–
white peaks of water rise
between the rocks.


Dharma bums

We’ve been distracted by beauty and pain. Stunning sights of sleeping sea otters and stories of rage and murder.

Laid up with pain,
he thinks about the sea otters
sleeping on the waves.


Creature of the Shade

The trees themselves aren’t interesting to photograph, but I had a pleasant half hour looking at lavender blossoms on someone’s dark blue car. It yielded a monochrome effect, with reflected accents of both city and tree.

Sky-colored blossoms
on the hood of a sky-colored car
float on their shadows.


Two Dishes But to One Table

Rivers in the desert are open for business intermittently. The rest of the time they are tempting trails.

at the bend of a dry river:
sinuous lines.

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  1. Thanks! Not sure I quite deserve all that praise, especially since I crapped out on the Smorgasblog, but I’m glad to hear that these haiku glosses (good term!) at least partly make up for it.

    I thought about looking for the comet, but it was cloudy most of the week.

    Hope you had a good holiday.

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