Chopin in a turban

At one point around 3:30 this afternoon, with ladybugs, syrphid flies, and honeybees buzzing all about, I looked into the low winter sun and felt… I don’t know. Disoriented barely begins to describe it. Anachronic. Absurd. It’s almost enough to make me want to deep-fry a cell phone and dial 911 from my large intestine. I trust my gut — but does my gut trust me? Frankly, it would be a fool to.

It doesn’t help that the Presidential primaries are underway two months earlier than in the days of my youth. Candidates have already been spotted flying south in record numbers, much to the consternation of climatologists and adorable squalling infants. And like all birds of a feather, they sing a single tune: change. Well, I could use some change. Couldn’t you?

UPDATE: And so the good people of New Hampshire trudged to the polls in record numbers to endorse the establishment candidates, and the literal winds of change signalled the return of the cold. Whew! Back to soul-crushing inevitability. Plus í§a change

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  1. “I trust my gut — but does my gut trust me? Frankly, it would be a fool to.”

    I second that emotion. As well as “Be the change you give”.

    Thanks for the best new year’s slogans.

    The photo is fantastic too.


  2. The very day that you posted this, I was in the woods on my knees video taping a baby garter snake tasting the warm air with his tongue.
    I went home and deleted the very good footage, because it does not fit into January. and honestly, all of the things that don’t fit are making me sick to my spirit.. my silly way of fighting it, but I seem to have no other weapon, but the mocking of the technology that created this circus of delusion disrupting the cycle.


  3. Wow. No snakes here, I don’t think.

    the mocking of the technology that created this circus of delusion disrupting the cycle
    Products such as computers and videocameras are ecologically damaging to produce, sure – especially since they need to be replaced in so few years. I wouldn’t put the blame so much on the technology as on the capitalist system that feeds off unlimited desires and presumes limitless exploitation. But certainly gadget-lust has become a part of the problem now, so perhaps it’s quixotic of us to think that we can fight fire with fire.


  4. I don’t know why my first comment came out as Anonymous. It’s me, Natalie, not Anon.
    Just wanted to make that clear.


  5. Thanks. I knew it was you, but figured you wanted to be incognito for some reason – possibly related to your multiple personalities project.


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